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HVS high voltage DC series metallized polypropylene film capacitor 0.068uF 8000VDC
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  • Operating temperature:


  • Rated voltage:

    4000~16000VDC at 70℃

  • Capacity value:


  • Capacity deviation:

    ±5% (J),±10% (K),±20%

● The main purpose:High voltage direct current absorption


● Widely used in high voltage DC absorbing circuits

● Small loss, small internal temperature rise

● Excellent flame retardancy

● High stability and reliability


● Internal series winding structure

● Dielectric: polypropylene film

● Electrode: metallized PP film

● Terminal: axially drawn tinned copper wire or AWG wire

● Package: UL94V0 flame retardant kit housing and epoxy package

Detailed descriptionHVS high voltage DC series metallized polypropylene film capacitor.pdf

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