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Metallized Polypropylene RC Snubber Network 0.44UF-27R


◆  Metallized Polypropylene film capacitor in series with a resistor (Fig 2-1,2-2)

◆  Encapsulated in plaslic box or wrapped tape with retardant Epoxy Resin sealed of UL 94V0

◆  Mounting:Mounted in parallel with the contacts to be protected or in parallel wth the inductive load(Fig3-1,3-2).

◆  Phase:single-phase and three-phase,

FUNCTION:  On electronic equipment,industrial equipment,contactors,relays,electrical control system of circuit loop,the noise

or spark occurs,will be absorbed by the RC functions, Protected contacts,eliminate the noise effectively.

◆  Noise and arc suppression/ Snubber Network 

◆  Contactor and relay contact protection 

◆  Good surge absorption of Magnetic switch,solenoid switch,relay and electromagnetic valve

◆  Noise reduction on controllers and drives 

◆  EMI / RFI reduction EMI / RFI 

◆  dv / dt suppression dv / dt 


RC snubber can effectively protects the contact and prevents sparks and noise,When electrical switch starts.

For examples,Blender,coffee machine,printing machine,dimmers.Industrial uses:industrial machinery,Switches,motorcontrol,

computer systems,telecommunications systems,automation equipment,elevators and automatic escalators.

Product description  Metallized Polypropylene RC Snubber Network-RCS. PDF

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