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Metallized polypropylene film AC capacitor for capacitive divider ( Box -type)-MPV

● Metallized Polypropylene film , non- inductive wound constructions
● Long term stablity of capacitance
● Plastic case , Flame retardant epoxy resin sealing

● Suitable for applications in serial with the 100~240Vac mains, as
Capacitance divider in energy meters and control boards , LED driver
in white goods and home appliances.
● The R.V 400Vdc(160 Vac ) capacitors are suitable for Vin 110Vac
circuit ,
R.V 630Vdc (275vac) capacitors are suitable for Vin 220Vac circuit .

Product descriptionMetallized Polypropylene Film Ac Capacitor (Box-Type) - For Capacitive Divider-MPV.PDF

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