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Metallized Polypropylene Film Turbo Charging Capacitor for EV&HEV-SCK


● Low ESR and ESL;

● Superior dv/dt makes product over-voltage and flow faster;

● The temperature rise of the product's internal core is greatly reduced by distributed current technology.

    Circumstance temperature 85℃ Temperature rise≤8℃;

    Circumstance temperature105℃ Temperature rise≤6℃;

● High temperature pressure T/T:1.5*Undc(105℃,60S),Product

    leakage current≤10mA;

    T/C:3000VAC/60S,No flashoter or permanent breakdomn shall occur;

● THB test:Undc,85℃,RH 85%,500H,△C≤±5%;



● Construction :Wound capacitor with internal series connection.

● Dielctric : PP film .

● Capacitor electrode : Double side matellized PE film .

● Strap terminals : Cu lug terminals .

● Encapsulatin : flame-retardent plastic case with epoxy resion



● Automobile radio drive system,automobile electric charging pile,

quick charge line energy storage system.

Product description: Metallized Polypropylene Film Turbo Charging Capacitor for EV&HEV-SCK. PDF

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