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Mini-size metallized polyester film capacitor (Dipped)-MEH


● Metallized polyester film , non-inductive wound construction .

● Small size and excellent self-healing property

● Flame retardent epoxy powder coating (UL94/V-0)


● As intermidiate circuit capacitor for SMPS , Electronic Ballast inverter

(i.e. DC-link ,DC filter and P.F.C )

note : MEH series is only recommended to use in DC filter or DC

-blocking circuit . It means the voltage applied to the capacitors must

be unidirectional ripple voltage . This type is not suitable for used in AC

circuit .If you have any quetion for this note ,please feel free to contact our

technical engineer .

Product description Mini-sized Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor (Dipped)-MEH. PDF

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